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Contemporary Media Use in Nigeria
Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Source: Broadcasting Board for Governors


Nigerians are avid consumers of newswith twothirds saying they access news at least once a day (66.6%). This rate is even higher among men (72.8%) and those living in urban areas (72.4%) Radio is the dominantnews platform in Nigeriawith 77.4% overall and more than seven in across all major demographic groups saying they listen to the radio for news at least weekly. Word of mouth (66.1% weekly) and TV (64.0% weekly) follow as the most common means of getting new. The Internet ranks fourth with 28.2% of Nigerians using it as a source for news at least weekly.


More than half of Nigerians aged 34 or younger receive news via SMS as do more than threequarters of those with at least a secondary education. Younger and more educated Nigerians are also the group that is most likely to get news through the Internet, social networking websites, and mobile apps, but these sources are less commonly used for news overall.


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