Membership Structure


OPA membership is open to any organization that demonstrates a commitment to publishing high-quality online content and meets our membership criteria. The categories of membership are as stated:




  • OPA - Corporate information - Names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses which will/must be published online;
  • OPA - References from auditor, banker, and company secretary to be submitted with application to be filled online;
  • OPA - Registered business name with the CAC to establish that the entity has been in business for no less than 1 year;
  • OPA - A commitment to sign-on to ethical practices, dispute resolution and best practices;
  • OPA - A dedicated editorial staff;
  • OPA - A focus on local content for a local audience based in Nigeria and Nigerians in Diaspora;
  • OPA - A focus on local content for a local audience based in Nigeria and Nigerians in Diaspora;
  • OPA - In addition, the significant portion of companies' published content must be original;
  • OPA - You must have been publishing on the web or other digital platforms for at least 6 months;
  • OPA - Organizations must adhere to the OPA - Nigeria mission statement and demonstrate an on-going, scrupulous commitment to best practices for Online Publishing;
  • OPA - Applicants must agree that, upon acceptance, they will appoint a senior executive within their organization to serve as their OPA - Nigeria representative; and
  • OPA - They would stick to their membership responsibilities.



Determine and deliver appropriate and periodic programme(s) of events running through the year including our Annual Online Publishing Conference in November 2015; the OPAN Digital Publishing Awards in February 2015, a monthly breakfast seminar, as well as Annual Publishers Dinner to wrap up the year.


Research is a key component of a knowledge association like OPAN; and its focus will be on revenue and audience benchmarking, annual membership survey, a monthly report on the digital landscape as well as ad-hoc research activities. All research is accessible exclusively to members.


Facilitate an Open Exchange and experience sharing platform through the website and programme of invitation-only events; all geared towards improving views, knowledge and experiences. Our social media platforms will complement the website.


To ensure full participation, the OPAN board will set up groups to help shape the content and outputs of OPAN activities and gain maximum benefit for their membership.

Membership in OPA will be open to any organization that is an originator of, premium, branded, original and high quality online content with a demonstrated commitment to maintaining the highest standards in Online Publishing.
Members must therefore have web publishing operations comprised of the creation and distribution of own content and the monetization of that content through advertising, subscription sales, or both.