Board Membership


  • Board membership is open to companies whose principal focus is to create original published content for direct consumption by their consumers, via the web ('destination sites') and other digital platforms;
  • Publishing companies that have the following may apply for membership;
  • An online activity revenue centre within the organization;
  • A dedicated editorial staff;
  • A dedicated revenue-generating commercial staff;
  • In addition, the significant portion of companies' published content must be original; and
  • You must have been publishing on the web or other digital platforms for at least 6 months.


  • One voting seat on the board, and therefore the opportunity to influence the direction of OPAN - the board determines OPA's strategic objectives, overseeing all OPA initiatives;
  • Access to leading online research and insight, including our annual industry Report, quarterly Digital Landscape Report (DLR), industry benchmarking research;
  • Access speaker presentations from all OPAN events;
  • Access to OPAN website member-only content: Industry reports, research and presentations;
  • Access to member-only groups - benefit from cross-industry knowledge, be at the forefront of issues facing the industry;
  • Attending other member-only and Board-only events, such as Directors' Dinners and subject-specific roundtables, annual summit and Awards ceremony;
  • Board members are also entitled to free places at our monthly breakfast events & Regular member discounts on other media industry events;
  • Member discount on training sessions, including E-marketing training;
  • Gaining contacts and joining industry discussion and networking at industry events;
  • Publishing press releases promoting your digital business on the OPAN website;and
  • Access to industry figure interviews.